Sunday, March 21, 2010

Out with the with the green

So, the kitchen project is pretty much complete (minus a few details like persuading the husband to get new countertops..oh yeah and the curtains). As with most projects, this has provoked a whole revolution of change. Of course it couldn't just be concentrated to the kitchen because our house is an open-concept. Now I must change the decor in my living room, computer room to match...and the snowball continues. (my husband just loves this part...NOT)

But, I understand that my burgundy sheers in the living room might just have to wait considering we are on a single income and the economy just sucks right now. So, if you come to visit, deal with the obnoxious clashing going on right now until I can score a deal on new curtains. I wish that I could sew because curtains are EXPENSIVE. Call me cheap, but I refuse to pay a lot for some fabric that hangs on my window who's only purpose is decoration!! :)

Anyway enough with my rant on curtains. Now to the kitchen. Here's a before in case you forgot...

To the exciting part:

Yay for mirrors from Ikea $2.99
My favorite part is above the cabinets!!

(the painting here looks like it's hung too high, but I took this picture standing on a ladder...when you are at a normal level, it's perfect.)


  1. That looks awesome!

    I'm a fellow sunshine award winner from groschen goblins and wanted to let you know that I'm your newest follower.

    Looking forward to your posts!

  2. I love the green and your right above the cabinets looks awesome! Nice job and thank you for sharing!

  3. Love that green! It's so refreshing. That red was pretty too but I can certainly understand wanting a change. What's the name of the green paint you used?