Thursday, May 27, 2010

April Showers bring May Flowers

FINALLY, I am done with transforming the front flower bed. At least, for now I am satisfied. Sadly, it took a bit longer than expected, but I love the outcome. I have to admit that I am a bit picky, so when I have an idea in my head, I can't stop until I have it exactly that way. So, that explains the delay!
Here is a before picture from last year:

It is such a big space and I tried to make the best of it but was never happy with it.
So this year, my project was to do a complete overhaul on a tight budget.

I was fed up with the overgrown irises, so I ripped them out and added some small shrubs.
My wonderful husband and daughters bought me the fountain for Mother's Day. I added a bag of slate rock around it. Then the hubby made a berm in the front to add some dimension.

(Sorry, I had just watered).
The berm isn't total love just yet, but it's getting there!

We added landscaping edgers to keep the mulch contained better and give it a more finished look. I love the way it turned out!

I thought adding some stepping stones would be a great way to fill up some of the extra space.

For each side of my garage, I wanted huge urns, but they were soooooo incredibly expensive. So, I opted for a cheap alternative and LOVE the new planters. Someday I'll get the expensive, beautiful urns, but for now I'll love my affordable, plastic planters!

So again for the before:

And the after:

Now I'm looking forward to painting our front door. Any suggestions on a color? I was originally wanting black, but now I'm not too sure.

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Mother's Day

Mother's Day is such a fun day to celebrate all the wonderful mother's out there. It's a day to pamper, spoil, and appreciate moms. I love this day because it reminds me what an honor it is to be a mother and how I'm blessed with such a great family.

This year my oldest daughter was able to really understand the day. In her class at the library the teacher had all the kids make little baskets for their moms decorated with stickers. Then, they each planted lettuce in a pot and gave it to us at the end of class. It was by far, the sweetest thing EVER!!!
All week my husband told Madysen that Mother's day was coming and that she had to be extra nice to mommy. It was so cute. He used our new Flip video camera (total love) to get a video of the girls wishing me a Happy day and posted it to my computer in the morning. The best was that he let me sleep in -undisturbed until whenever I decided to wake up. It was AMAZING!!!! And my big present was a water fountain for the front flower bed of our house. All in all, it was a great weekend and I was truly spoiled to the core with love and kisses!!

I hope all the mothers out there were able to enjoy their day however they wished! Anyone can carry a child for 9 months, but it takes a special heart to be a mom. It's not always easy, some days are frustrating and difficult, but it is the MOST rewarding job ever created.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Flirting with Organic

Since watching the documentary "Food Inc." I have started to make conscious efforts in changing the Smith Family's food habits. Part of that change has also included finding alternatives for all the chemicals I use everyday to clean. I have been in search of an All Purpose cleaner to use in the kitchen that actually works. I have tried other Organic products with disappointment, but I came across this in the clearance bin.

Introducing my new love :

Drum roll please.......

Seventh Generation All Purpose Cleaner!!
It was on clearance, so I figured I was wasting $1.98, but I had to give it a try. Had I discriminated against this just because it was thrown in the "not cool" bin, I would have missed out. I should have known better than to judge...

This stuff actually WORKS. Tonight while cooking, I made my usual mess on the stove. After dinner I decided to play with the girls instead of clean up right away. So, needless to say the grease had become one with my stove. I sprayed a bit of this on it, walked over to the sink to get a sponge.. and poof.. GONE!! No lie...
You must try this out..
The best part is that it is safe for the kiddies and pets. It's non toxic and biodegradable.
What could be better?? Good for the environment and it WORKS!!

I highly recommend watching Food Inc. too for all those that haven't seen it yet. It is very informative about our Nation's food system. I promise'll make you think next time you are in the grocery store!