Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not enough hours...

So, I had planned to have this elaborate blog about my newest project involving magnetic paint and trim--however, I'm still not finished. Do you ever feel like there's not enough hours in the day??? I know that I could have had this project done, but my husband was off work the last two days and I just enjoyed hanging with the family. Today, we were gone for a bit, but by the time we got home, I feel like all I did was cook, eat, and clean. Now, add bath time for two wiggly kids, and before you know it, it's bed time. So my totally fun, awesome project I have been so excited about, was put on the back burner. I promise to share later in the week.
My second goal for this week is to DE-CLUTTER. I have been trying to clean out one disgusting junk drawer/cabinet/toy box/closet a week to start 2010 off clutter-free. I will also share some of those pictures too. I found that Sarah at thriftydecorchick.com has inspired me by her many before and after pics of DE-CLUTTERING. Sometimes it helps to see that other people have the same junk hidden in the same places. And, if you set realistic goals of tackling one problem area at a time, it isn't nearly as difficult (meaning you don't have to take away that much time from face book or American Idol and you still have a clean house!!) So, where are your problem areas??? Where do you hide all your junk that you swear you'll clean up later??

Sunday, January 24, 2010


So, I finally was able to use my gift card from Christmas at my new favorite store...Kirklands. My sister-in-law introduced me to this little treasure of a store. The best part, it's very affordable!! Of course, as soon as I walked in, I saw all the huge "CLEARANCE" signs calling my name. Upon further investigating, I also found a whole section of $5 specials. HEAVEN!! Needless to say, I walked away spending my whole gift card and then some (thanks honey!).

My favorite purchase was this irregular octagon mirror regularly $49.99 marked down to $10. I couldn't believe my eyes, I almost fainted. So, a little lightbulb went off.... perfect for my mantle!

As you know, Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. I have yet to purchase many decorations for this day, but this year I wanted a few things without spending alot of money. So, I saw this crafty little project on http://soyouthinkyourecrafty-current.blogspot.com. A contestant came up with this idea and I fell in love.
So, I went to Joanne's and bought a styrofoam heart for $3.99 and some jute for $2.97. Using my new glue gun, I got to work wrapping the twine. I decide to add some red ribbon and hang from my new bargain mirror on the mantle. What do you think? It's a nice way to add a little V-day decor without overdoing it!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

From Drab to FAB...

So, I have been wanting to do a picture wall for like FOREVER, but kept putting it off. Over the last few months I have been keeping my eye out for cheap, black frames to complete my project. While visiting family in TN, I found a seven piece kit which included 3- 4X6 fames, 1- 8X10, and 1- 4X6 collage, and 2 shelves all for $9.99. Can you say SCORE??!! The largest frame for our family picture (which I haven't picked up yet) was $14.97 at IKEA and the the collage of 4- 4X6 was marked down to $3 at Kmart after Christmas.

I got all the frames and shelves out along with my fabulous vinyl wall saying and just began playing around with the layout on my floor. I measured the wall where I was going to put everything. Using the tape measure, I set it at the exact measurement and set it on the floor as my guide for the width. Then I just kept trying different positions until I came up with one I loved. I got my wonderful camera out and took a picture of it before my girls came to destroy my 30 minutes of hard work. Then I got on my computer and began playing with the millions of pictures I have of the girls, cropping and coloring them just right. After I printed all the pictures and put them in the frames, my wonderful husband (who just woke up from midnights) obeyed my directions and hung them all up for me!! :) He loves doing that as I bark orders "a tad to the left, no up, no down." ESPECIALLY when he's only had a few hours of sleep. Nonetheless, the project is done- SUCCESS... and my husband didn't even fall down the stairs trying to hang the stuff!! I LOVE the final product. Now to the adjoining wall (ignore that in the pictures, I'm trying to come up with a plan for that one.)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year (better late than never)

2010 is now here! Maddy and I celebrated by enjoying the countdown after a night of playing games and making mini pizzas for a late night snack. Poor Presley would have never made it to midnight, so we didn't even try. Instead, it was "Mommy and Maddy" time. We called Daddy at work right before the countdown so he could celebrate with us, which made the night extra special. Even though I hate that Jeff had to work, I really had a great night. Madysen is at such a fun age- asking funny questions, wanting to be a part of everything! She was my little party buddy tonight complete with party hats and all. It seems so mind blowing that it has been 10 years since the millennium, as I was a senior in high school. I believe I was probably spending the New Year at Shadow Lakes with a bunch of people, who at the time seemed like best friends, but are now complete strangers. Had you asked me that night where I'd be in 10 years, I don't know if I would have said a SAHM of two daughters! I probably would have said something like "traveling the world." I however, can look back and say that i have no regrets. I have enjoyed being young and carefree and now wouldn't change my life for anything. I prayed for this happiness for so long, I love every minute of it. I always was afraid to be a mom, afraid I wouldn't be good at it, but now it consumes me. It defines me. I am a mother. My girls are my life and I LOVE it. Of course, I too, am a wife and have a really amazing husband. I know a lot of people say they have a great husband, but I really mean it. Of course sometimes I want to beat him (ha!), but he surprises me everyday with how much he loves me and our kids. He loves me, even with all my imperfections. It has been hard for me to let my guard down and know that he isn't just going to leave. We are forever and our life together is forever. Coming from the life I have had, this was very hard for me. I have always expected the worst, and now I just know that no matter what happens our family can get through it together. What an awesome feeling to have!
Time seems to be flying by as 2010 begins, my one goal this year is to enjoy each day more. Many days now with two little ones, I drown myself all day with cleaning, dishes, laundry, internet...etc. I always think.. "Oh, tomorrow we'll do this.." I really truly want to focus on setting aside time each day to spend separately with each daughter. Lately, we have been battling a little jealousy from Madysen, so I really think this might help the situation. I want to be more creative as a mom, go to the library, finger paint, make projects...open up our minds to many new things. Being a mom is the hardest job in the world, and we should be proud of ourselves!!! For my children, I just want to teach them to be comfortable with themselves, teach them to be loving and compassionate, and to live life everyday. I want them to know they always have our (Jeff and I) love and support to do anything they want to do. That is something I never felt in my heart and I hope my girls carry that with them all throughout their lives. HAPPY 2010...let it be a year full of blessings and good health.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010



I found this dresser at a garage sale and just knew I had to have it. However, the lady wanted $50 for it!!! Can you believe it?? I was thinking...absolutely no way no how. I'll just wait until she throws it away and get it for free :). Anyway, after much begging, I talked my husband into dealing with her and walked away with both pieces for $20. Add some paint... and you get this...