Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not enough hours...

So, I had planned to have this elaborate blog about my newest project involving magnetic paint and trim--however, I'm still not finished. Do you ever feel like there's not enough hours in the day??? I know that I could have had this project done, but my husband was off work the last two days and I just enjoyed hanging with the family. Today, we were gone for a bit, but by the time we got home, I feel like all I did was cook, eat, and clean. Now, add bath time for two wiggly kids, and before you know it, it's bed time. So my totally fun, awesome project I have been so excited about, was put on the back burner. I promise to share later in the week.
My second goal for this week is to DE-CLUTTER. I have been trying to clean out one disgusting junk drawer/cabinet/toy box/closet a week to start 2010 off clutter-free. I will also share some of those pictures too. I found that Sarah at thriftydecorchick.com has inspired me by her many before and after pics of DE-CLUTTERING. Sometimes it helps to see that other people have the same junk hidden in the same places. And, if you set realistic goals of tackling one problem area at a time, it isn't nearly as difficult (meaning you don't have to take away that much time from face book or American Idol and you still have a clean house!!) So, where are your problem areas??? Where do you hide all your junk that you swear you'll clean up later??

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  1. Umm my house is a problem area, JK in all seriousness our bedroom is definitely always last on the list. I feel like I'm never in there during the day and at night I'm just too tired to deal with it! Looking forward to seeing the chalkboard done.