Friday, February 5, 2010


MOM-- such a simple, short word but the meanings are endless. Just in the past week or so my three year-old Madysen wrote her first word- "mom". I was soooo excited. My husband got the bragging rights for her first word "da da", but THIS is monumental. I mean every kid says "da da" first, right? This is just unbelievable... she just turned three and now she can write a word!! How crazy is that???? Of course, I encourage her to write it all over now :)
So, to continue to brag on my children, I must point out that Presley also in the last week has started calling me "MOM". Not, ma ma not mommy, but just plain ol' MOM. It sounds so funny coming from such a tiny little person, but it is a blessing nonetheless. She dabbled with the word around 7 1/2 months, but this is the first time she has related it to me. I love it!!
With these two major milestones in our house, I have been thinking a lot about living in the moment. I know that our house is pretty chaotic right now- for example our dog Spike ate five feet of bubblegum tape last week. I was panicked because I thought that gum was seriously toxic for animals and my husband was supposed to leave for work within the hour. So, we called the vet who said to pour peroxide down the dog's throat to make him vomit. Meanwhile, Maddy, sensing the tension, started to get really upset that Spike was sick. Jeff had just enough time to help hold poor Spike down while we gave him the peroxide, then he had to scoot to work. Thankfully, I was left with the puking dog and crying toddler who thinks she killed Spike with her bubblegum! All this drama in just under an hour!!! After everything settled down, I thought does everyone have all this chaos?? I just couldn't help but chuckle a bit. I know that in a few years we will have different chaos and I will look back at this time and really miss all these innocent, fun times.
Poor Presley is sick with a cold today which totally makes my heart hurt. Another reason why the word mom is so powerful. She was so uncomfortable all night, barely sleeping and then all day today she just moped around. Several times while playing, she walk over to me and just sat on my lap and said "MOM" with her huge, blue eyes looking up at me. It is soooo hard looking at your baby knowing they are in pain or not feeling well. You feel helpless when the doctor says let it run it's course. Her eyes just looked like they were saying mom, please make me feel better. It's during these times especially that I cherish being a mother. I just can't fathom ever being without my girls no matter what. What an honor to be called a "MOM".

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