Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine's Day

With yet another winter storm, being stuck inside hasn't been so bad this time. I have tried to use the time to catch up on some Valentine's Day crafts that I really wanted to finish. The first is one I came up with while strolling down the aisles of Michaels. I saw these unfinished frames for $1 each and I knew I could do something cute with them!

I had some chipboard letters I found in the dollar bin at Target (gotta love the dollar bins there, they are amazing!). So, my wonderful, amazing husband (did I mention that he's awesome???)... anyway, he took the frames and painted them solid black. I had some V-day scrapbook paper as the background and glued the letters right to it. Add some ribbon to the back to hold it all together...and you have a very cheap, cute Valentine's Day door hanger!!


  1. Great price and great outcome! These are just adorable!

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  3. Friday Follow! Cute!! Glad to find your blog and look forward to following your posts

  4. Welcome to blogging! Following you from Trendy Treehouse. Look forward to seeing you at my blog also.

  5. Really cute and clever. How did I miss those in the dollar bin?

    Happy Friday Follow!