Saturday, February 27, 2010

Whistle while you work...

Let's see... I have been nonstop busy trying to finish the kitchen. My wonderful husband helped me and we finished today. I'm SOOO excited with the outcome. Here's the before-


Of course, I didn't remember to take a before picture until after we started dismembering the kitchen. I just started taking stuff off the walls and putting it on the counter while my husband so graciously started taping. So, I apologize for the craziness.

Can you see the hideous gold handles shining at you?? I know, the glare is unbearable!!

Here is a sneak peek of the after (not decorated yet!!)

You can take your sunglasses off, the glare is GONE forever!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these new handles. Actually, they aren't "new", but the hideous gold ones I mentioned above. I just took some Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray paint and painted the entire handle...wood and all! Much cheaper than new handles-- new ones were going to be around $70!! So instead, I spend $3 on a can of spray paint and another $3 on spray primer. The result-- LOVE !!

I promise to post more pictures as I complete the kitchen accessories. Wait until you see the treasure my Sis-in-law bought me from Goodwill. SOOOO excited to show you this week...


  1. I love it! And the new spray painted handles look beautiful! I also love the new wall color! I can't wait to see more "reveal" pictures!

    Kat :)

  2. Love, love, love those spray painted handles. Very smart and they look lovely now!

  3. Love the color, great minds think alike! Can't wait to see more pictures, also really, really like the improved hardware!

  4. Thanks, Kel. I didn't mean to copy the color- it's Grassland! Now to accessorize!!