Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kitchen reveal????

I will be excited to reveal my kitchen make-over, but I am not finished painting yet. My little ones came down with a virus, so my main priority was cuddling with my two sickies.

It is so funny how I have started to obsess with decorating/changing our house. I love that my husband put all his blood, sweat, and tears into building our house. His whole family put their efforts into it too, which makes it that much more special.

So, as I curse when I hit my shin on the ladder, and my arm is numb from trying to paint a 9 ft. wall, I love every minute of it. Sure, could I have paid someone to come paint it? Would it have already been done and we wouldn't have to be eating dinner in the computer room?? Yes, and yes, but why take the easy way? Every swipe, every drip mark, every splatter of that paint I own. I feel like I appreciate the details more because I recognize the energy it takes to make something look perfect. I take pride in my work, even if it isn't perfect. And that is what make our house a true HOME.

My husband and I both enjoy "hands on" work and now it has become a little hobby we do together. Even our oldest daughter picks up on the "fun" and pretends to make projects right along with us. Not only does it save us a lot of money, but it has become fun.

The best thing I could teach both of my girls is to be strong, independent women. If you want your kitchen painted, why not do it yourself?? You appreciate things a lot more when you have your own blood, sweat, and tears in it!

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