Friday, March 19, 2010

It's the small things that matter

This week I have been showing you some projects I completed for my "mini" kitchen makeover. I tried my hardest to give the kitchen an updated look, but on a very minimal budget.

Some of my existing accessories didn't match the new look. What is a girl to do??
HELLLLLLLOOOO... enter can of Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray paint.
Even though I have already showed you my "new" hardware for the cabinets,
I think you need a good close up of the before to get the true impact!

See how much better the new ORB handles are??
(The lighting was totally different in the two pictures...I didn't change anything with the color of the cabinets.)

The next little thing I changed was my paper towel holder. It used to be chrome.
Now, I always thought chrome was my favorite until I came across ORB.
So, the paper towel holder had to be changed.
(Sorry no before pic).

I showed you here how I updated our kitchen stools to fit the new look.

Target must have known that I painted my kitchen and would
be in need of new placemats because these were $.74 each!!!!

I also changed out my crusty, nasty, white garbage for a new
"step" black garbage. (11.97 at Walmart.)

Add a coordinating rug from HomeGoods (7.98)

Even though these changes were somewhat minor, they made a huge impact on final outcome.
At times they were a bit time consuming (stools), but it saved us a lot of money and it looks great!

Sunday I will post the pictures of the entire kitchen so you can see it all put together!

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