Saturday, March 13, 2010

Goodwill Weekend!!

So, I went into Goodwill this weekend looking for some chunky, wood candlesticks for an upcoming project. Instead, I came out with a cart full of fun stuff and no candlesticks. Check out my treasures from this week:

This cute little white bowl only $.99!!!

Another adorable bowl $2.99

My favorite treasure was this coffee table for $24. Not only is it solid wood, but it is in great shape and super huge!!! I LOVE it! Now I just need to sand it and slap some paint on it. After pictures hopefully to follow soon.

Here is what I did with the first small white bowl. Add some moss with a few eggs and you have a cute Spring decoration!!


  1. Thank you... super excited to paint it!

  2. I just love goodwill...its my form of therapy! Nice finds..I am on the hunt for a dinning room set and coffee table..hopefully I can post my finds soon :)