Saturday, August 21, 2010

Snap Shot Saturday

I have got to get better at keeping up with this blog!! Do you ever feel like the day just passes so quickly and nothing was crossed off your to-do list?? I am feeling like that a lot lately since I have started my photography business. Any free time I did have, is now dedicated to editing client pictures. I love love love it, but it is still a learning process. Hopefully the more I practice, the less time it will take to edit.

So on to a favorite photo from the week. Here is the original straight from my Nikon D60:

First I edited the eyes to make them "pop" more and then I made the mosquito bites disappear (if only I could do that in real life). Then I cropped the picture to get this...

Brightening the eyes is just a little technique that really adds a nice touch to the picture!

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