Monday, October 12, 2009

Brrr... it's cold out there!!

So many things to blab about.  Presley had her 9 month appointment last week and was given the okay for table foods.  I can't believe she's old enough for that yet.  How come time flies so much faster with the 2nd kid?? My little girl already weighs 20lbs.  She had her shots too, which she tolerated just fine.  Being the terrible mom I am, I forgot to pre-medicate her, so my poor baby had a little fever that night.  Presley is such an amazing baby though, you'd never know she had shots.  She was her normal happy self all day!  Dr. Paul also increased her dosage of the Axid to 1.5ml, and when we are done with the bottle we are switching to Zantac because insurance will cover more of the cost.  What is with insurance?? You pay so much every month for coverage, yet you still are paying out the butt for every little thing!! It aggravates me so much that there are lazy people out there who refuse to work, yet keep having kids and FREE insurance.   Meanwhile, my husband busts his behind everyday for us and we have to keep paying out of pocket for everything.  Obama, please fix this!!!  
On a lighter note, our family traveled to Anna, IL this past weekend for our annual Smith Family Reunion.  We were so excited to catch up with the family and for everyone to meet Presley.  Surprisingly, both girls tolerated the 5 hour trip wonderfully.  

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