Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First Post

This is my first time blogging.  I've wanted to create a blog for awhile now, but put it on the back burner along with all the other "projects" I've wanted to do like clean the windows, organize cabinets and the lastest obsession, re-decorate the house.  So, I just decided that tonight was the night to overcome my blogging fear and create one!  Today would be as good a day as any considering the chaos in the Smith household this fine Tuesday.  Maddy suspiciously ended up in my bed again this morning, so when we decided to finally get up for the day, she complained of having a belly ache.  I thought.. wonderful start to the day.  I hope it's not another one of her constipation episodes.  So, upon eating 2 frosted donuts, she decide to vomit all over herself and the carpet.  Feeling terrible for my little moo-moo, we huried and cleaned her up, then threw all the clothes in the laundry.  I decided our best bet was to lay on the couch and watch Presley-poo play with her toys.  Now remember, we're all cleaned up with new pj's on and about 30 mins later, another huge vomit. Thank God for leather couches.  This time little Presley was in the line of fire, so that meant THREE changes of clothes (I had a lap full as well)!  The joys of motherhood.... Needless to say, Madysen must have gotten it all out because she immediately returned to her normal, goofball self.  So tomorrow is Mommy and Me class at the Library... hmmm.. that should be interesting!!

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