Monday, April 12, 2010


In honor of the new Shrek movie coming out, I thought I'd share with you my daughter's Shrektacular 3rd Birthday. I mean, this girl is OBSESSED with Shrek, so I wanted to make this party special for her.

For the cake, I used the small dome cake pan from Wilton's.
I covered it with green fondant. I hand molded Shrek's ears around a wooden dowel and stuck it into the head of the cake.
Because the cake was rather small, I made "Swamp" cupcakes, complete with dirt (oreo bits) and candy worms.

For the goodie bags, I filled them with pop rocks, slimy creatures, Shrek the Halls movie, magic potion (pixie sticks), and Ogre tattoos. I attached a tag with a picture of Donkey that I found on the internet and put a personalized thank you.

For the food table:

I made tags for all the food with fun names to go with the theme:
Weed Rat Pie, Swamp Scum, Seaweed Sludge, etc..

For the drinks, I made two different color punch red and green:

The red was Happily Ever After Potion, and the green was Swamp Juice.
I even put gummy worms in the green one and topped it with green sherbet to get the "sludgy" look.

Decorating was a tad tricky.

I found a template online of Shrek's face so I printed that on regular paper.
Then I glued the face to foam board and used a utility knife to cut it out.
Then I glued a Popsicle stick to it completing the mask.

I also made a few signs:

We played pin the tail on Donkey and listened to the soundtrack to all the Shrek movies.

Oh, I almost forgot the invitations.
They were a lot of fun to make.

Of course the Princess had to wear her Shrek shirt to the party!
(I tried to get others to wear Shrek attire, but no one cooperated!!)
The party was SOO much fun and the first year I really stayed with the theme. Hope you enjoy!!

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